Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and how we are helping to limit possible exposure.

To help reduce the number of contact points you are exposed to, we are asking that you help us reduce the physical interactions required to getting your vehicle serviced.

If you would like us to perform a service or repair consider the following.

Initial contact by Text, Phone (479 202-8633) or website ( interaction is recommended to make an appointment for vehicle drop off. The vehicle and keys can be left on site (key drop available). As usual, the repair order (estimate) is able to be viewed on your smartphone or web-capable device and is interactive.

When the service/repair is completed, we will update the repair order (invoice). The amount can be paid online ( ), or we can email or text, a payable invoice or take a debit/credit card by phone.

The vehicle can be picked up at your convenience, as the keys will be placed in the lockbox. The box number and combo provided after payment is received.

Why are we doing this?

The parts are delivered by the different parts houses that have general public customers, deliveries from warehouses and their own interactions with the community. These delivery drivers visit over 50 shops in the area, along with their customer base.

We believe that by limiting the number of contacts with the community we can help decrease your exposure from the community. Thank you for participating.