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A few things we know…

Brakes, Electrical, Steering, Suspension & Tune-Ups.

  • Maintenance, Service and Repair for all Make and Model of Automobile, SUV, Light Truck and Minivan. We can keep your vehicle running safely and reliably and do our best to make it happen without causing a budget catastrophe.

Experience in Diagnostics and Troubleshooting each of your concerns

  • We listen to you first, so we know what you want to be accomplished during your vehicles stay with us. We offer recommendations that relate to vehicle safety, then reliability and finally comfort and convenience.


Our entire process of performing a service is able to be tracked by the customer. An email and Text capable phone allows everything, from the initial estimate, approval, parts ordering, assembly, quality check and final invoice to be seen. We even have the capability to upload, video, and images online to be seen when it is convenient. We participate in MyCarFax and RepairPal programs to help you locate proper pricing and scheduling of basic repair, maintenance, and services for your vehicle.

If your vehicle makes you feel like you are driving on this, bring it in.

Next Steps…

Pick Up/ Drop Off, WiFi, Towing and other Services

  • With all the busy that is in our lives, we try to help ease the disruption that having your vehicle unavailable can cause. When able, we provide services to help you stay on track. Just ask if there is something you need, we will try our best to accommodate your needs.